Chamberlain's Leather Milk Straight Cleaner No. 2

SKU: CLM-2-6

$ 11.95

Straight Cleaner - Premium Leather Cleaner
Straight Cleaner Formula No. 2 is a mild blend of water, alcohol and other non-alkaline cleaning ingredients that gently removes stains, spills, spots, and other substances that damage leather. Formula No. 2 is perfect for those times when you want to give your leather a more thorough cleaning treatment. This cleaner will penetrate into the leather fibers and help loosen CCS (collected clogging substances), providing a safe ‘wash’ for your leather item. Environmentally healthy, this recipe contains no saddle soaps, solvents or synthetic chemicals.


  • Made in USA.
  • Available in both 6 & 12 oz bottles.  
  • Includes a FREE reusable cotton terry leather cleaner applicator pad for best results!

When should I use this product on my leather?
Straight Cleaner is for those times you want to give your leather a more thorough cleaning or when you need to lift a stain that has set into the leather fiber. You don’t need to use Straight Cleaner every time you condition your leather item. Most of the time a surface cleaning is all you need.  

What is it made of?
Straight Cleaner is a blend of natural alcohols and other natural cleaners. If you need to put your leather through a more thorough cleaning, Straight Cleaner is a gentle way to do that. While Straight Cleaner will lift a lot of dirt and stains from the pores of your leather, it is a natural cleaner and thus it can’t necessarily compete with the strength of chemical-based leather cleaners. The catch is that chemical-based leather cleaners are much harsher on leather. They have to be to lift those really set-in stains! We recommend trying our gentle leather cleaner before graduating to solvents, saddle soaps or synthetic chemical cleaners.  

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