Our Product Names

Our wallets and bags are broken down in two ways - the leather and the silhouette.

With almost every product, the first word in the name of the product will indicate which leather is used (also used to distinguish the collection). For example, the leather for every product starting with Madison will always be a Fine Bark Print Italian Calfskin. The following products are from the Madison and Siam Collections respectively.

  • https://tusk.com/products/madison-snap-evening-wallet
  • https://tusk.com/products/siam-indexer-wallet

The second part of the name will distinguish the silhouette. So the following products are the Mini Melba Satchel (in the Matera leather/collection) and the Slim Wallet (in the Madison leather/collection) respectively.

  • https://tusk.com/products/matera-mini-melba-satchel
  • https://tusk.com/products/madison-mini-slim-wallet

Each leather has its own distinguishing characteristics to make it unique. And there are sometimes subtle design elements that might distinguish a product across collections but the overall functionality of the product will remain the same. You may also notice that some leathers are more expensive than others. This has to do with the process by which they are tanned and the look/feel of the leather.