Every customer is family and after every purchase,  we send out a letter to personally thank you for your purchase with us. The responses we have gotten have been overwhelming and we wanted to share a few of them with you. 


Sure, happy to help... I actually first learned about Tusk in 2011. I received a green and orange card case in an office gift swap. I believe it's the Leonardo, unless you have changed your product names! The wallet is so well made that I am STILL using the same exact one and am only needing to replace it now because the plastic is finally cracking (the leather is still in fantastic shape). So I'm buying another because I have loved it so much for so many years, and want the same exact one!

Lauren W, Sept 17, 2019 

I love your products and get so many compliments on them!

Carolyn M, Sept 8, 2019 

I have loved your brand for years and purchased your purses and wallets over the years. I like the leather and craftmanship and also that a lot of pieces are unique. So from time to time I visit your website to see what is new.

Brigitte B, Aug 11, 2019

And thank you for contacting me. About 7 or 8 years ago I purchased a Tusk wallet from Lord & Taylor. I was in desperate need of a new wallet and to be honest, Tusk seemed a bit out of my price range. However, I really, really liked it! The quality was exceptional and it seemed to have everything I was looking for, so it went home with me. I have used it every day since, but it's been showing wear lately and I went in search of a new wallet, starting with Lord & Taylor. I am really not much of an online purchaser, but my brick and mortar search was fruitless and I decided to try your website. And there it was -- the very same wallet! I was thrilled. My first choice of color was sold out, but I was pleased to get my second choice. My decision to buy was a lock after seeing your offer of a 15% discount for new shoppers. The process was very simple and now I am sitting home waiting for my new wallet. Thanks for asking!

Jodie F, July 23, 2019

I heard about Tusk years ago when I worked in the neighborhood of your store. I purchased many items over the years, including wallets, bags, jewelry boxes, and card cases. The wallet I bought in 2008 stood up to heavy use on a daily basis, until finally the zipper gave out, after 11 years. When this happened, I didn't want to look for any other wallets, I wanted the same Tusk portfolio clutch I had come to love so much. I was delighted to find that it was still available. Yesterday I replaced my old one with the identical wallet style in a different color. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship. I love my new wallet!

Robin T, July 8, 2019

I was recently looking for a small bag and a new wallet, and was (almost) overwhelmed by the choices at your store! It was so enjoyable to shop there, and fun to be shown so many designs. Being Tusk, it was a given that the leather and workmanship would be excellent. What impresses me, and keeps me a repeat purchaser of Tusk, is the design and functionality of your products.

Jamie A, June 27, 2019

My current wallet, which I have had for years, is a Tusk wallet. The clasp on it does not function any longer (age) and so I needed a new wallet. It has served me very well which speaks highly for the quality of materials and will miss it but now look forward to its replacement.

Helen C, June 24, 2019

I’m finally replacing my first Tusk wallet, which is probably nearly 10 years old! It’s a beautiful spring green leather with red fabric lining and I STILL get compliments on it to this very day. I have been so impressed with how well it had has held up that I can’t ever imagine buying anything but Tusk. Your loyal customer, 

Christina B, June 1, 2019

"My mom recommend your company. She has the same wallet I ordered and loves it. She always has the finest quality items and so her recommendation is a compliment to your brand/company. "

-Moriah A, May 22, 2019

"Loving the wallet. And enjoyed the friendly and warm welcome. I have been wanting to change out my wallet for a number of years. Since booking a holiday to NYC. I did some research on google on where to go that was close to where we were staying (W 26th Street) In the end I chose Tusk not only because of the location but the look and variety of the products on offer and the story behind Tusk. It was a little tricky to find at first (l was expecting to see a shop front store) and I almost gave up, if I hadn't re-read your website and asked the guard in the building. I couldn't find Tusk at the ground floor directory either. MY assumption was that the business is mostly focused on the on-line market. (Which makes sense) I enjoyed the visit and was well looked after, it was almost like finding a hidden little Gem in the city that only a certain few know about."

-Mike H, May 22, 2019

My first Tusk purchase was in Lord & Taylor, NYC. Although I did not hear about your company, I was drawn to its design and features. When it was time for a new wallet, I did not hesitate to purchase a Tusk again.

-Ekul, May 17, 2019

"I have four Tusk bags and two wallets already. I lived in NYC for 15 years, at [removed for privacy], so I would walk by the store on a daily basis. The bag I just bought is to replace my daily Tusk bag that I've had at least 5 years. I have been hesitant to replace it as there isn't anything wrong with it (no holes, no rips, no fraying seams, the hardware is immaculate) and the inside is perfect, but it is a light color and I've just gotten it so dirty it's beyond cleanable at this point!"

-Megan A, Apr 24, 2019

I am looking forward to receiving my new wallet! It replaces my old Tusk which has finally given up the ghost after ten long years of constant use! Tusk seems to be the only place that makes a double zip wallet and I am just delighted that you are still making this one. When I receive it I will certainly leave you a glowing review!

-Hilary W, March 11, 2019

"I've always had a Siam Tusk wallet. Can't live without! 15+ years? Current one is yellow/green and sooo beat up. MY friend are like-please get new wallet you are embarrassing us! can't wait for the blue!"

-Jamie TFeb 25, 2019

"I love your product. I have been using the wallet for over 10 years and bought it several times over in different colors. I tried other wallets just for change, including Prada, Chanel and returned to Tusk as its simply the best make, functionality, quality and look."

-Basak GJan 21, 2019

"My last two wallets have been Tusk, and I love them. I was very disappointed my local Nordstrom no longer carried them. I believe they have the best interior layout."

-Jennifer M, Dec 16, 2019

"I love your leather goods -- the colors! the quality of the workmanship! the style! -- and will be happy to leave a review (This is addition to telling all my friends about your beautiful products are your warm, helpful, enthusiastic staff members.) Thanks for reaching out And good luck at your new location in the Flatiron district! Tusk fan for life."

-Jackie C, Nov 9, 2018

"I love your products so much that I plugged you guys on my blog today! kellyfoota.com Thank you for creating such beautiful, timeless, quality pieces that I treasure!"

-Kelly B, Nov 8, 2018

"I bought my Tusk wallet about ten years ago, and my only complaint is that it is still in great shape so that I don't have an excuse to buy another one! So I bought this one as a gift for a dear friend. I love your products and that they are crafted in Bombay (as opposed to Mumbai) :)"

-Syma M, Nov 1, 2018