From India to New York City - The Story of Tusk

Tusk - A Family Tradition

Before Hiten, our founder, considered even starting Tusk, his family already shared decades of experience in the textile industry. Raised in a typical Indian joint family with many generations living together in one home, Hiten grew up listening to family dinner conversations revolving around the business. Sometimes these conversations were even interrupted by a merchant coming to call. Thus after being brought up in the family business, it came at no surprise that Hiten would be the one to take it over. What was unexpected, however, was that when it came to be his time, he opted to go to the United States to do it.

After drawing support from the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, the symbol of harmony and good fortune, Hiten left Bombay and moved to New York City to launch his brand, Tusk. He teamed up with a long-time friend and artist from Japan to design the company logo and signature Tusk zipper pulls. These elements would become the trademark of the original Tusk product.

 Tusk Madison Coin and Card Case with Signature Zipper Pull

OurMADISON COIN AND CARD CASE which features our signature zipper pull. 

Initially working out of a basement with a small team, Tusk’s humble beginnings did not stop Hiten from dreaming bigger. Focusing on maintaining the utmost integrity in design and materials, all the while producing the finest quality in his Indian Factory, Hiten rapidly grew Tusk’s reputation. When steadily increasing demand encouraged Hiten to move out of the basement and into a sleek work and showroom in Chelsea, Hiten’s saw his dream quickly became reality.

From unsure beginnings to being featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things — Tusk’s has attention to quality and integrity has never changed. Every season, Tusk designers imagine new and inspired pieces that match form with function and beauty with endurance. Our unique story has made us who we are today and we are proud to still be the company Hiten dreamed of thirty years ago.

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