How to Choose the Best Leather for You - Our Guide

Tusk Leather Selection

Whether you are searching for your next handbag, wallet, or another leather-based accessory, you are likely stuck with this question: “which type of leather should I choose?” At Tusk, we have carefully designed each of our pieces to be perfect for a variety of lifestyles. Follow this guide of our different collections and let us decide which is the best for you. 

Today, our accessories are made up of Buffaloskins, Calfskins, Goatskins, Lambskins, and Sheepskins found throughout the world. With slight differences in durability, softness, weight, and thickness existing between each of them, it is thorough examination and testing that we determine which one we will use for each collection. 

The Madison Collection


Our Madison Collection features an Italian Calfskin Leather crafted by a leading tannery in Northern Italy. Known for its durability, this embossed bark print leather is scratch resistant and almost indestructible. With a top finish which lends itself to vivid colors and gives the leather a mirror like finish, this collection embraces our way of balancing beauty and function. Trendy and modern in its appearance yet still highly durable, this collection is perfect to accompany you in your day to day life.

The Siam Collection 

Pictured: Siam Accordion Wallet

Our Siam Collection features a Glazed Italian Kidskin sustainably crafted from vegetable tanned goatskin. Receiving a beautiful depth of color from this eco-friendly process, this collection is highlighted for its beauty. Additionally, this gorgeous collection does not come at the cost of quality and functionality. With Goat Skin being more durable than cowhide and also more supple and soft due to the lanolin in the leather, this collection can flawlessly match the vibrancy of your lifestyle. 

Kent Collection

Tusk Kent Indexer Wallet

The Kent collection features a fine French Calfskin. Particularly soft with a smooth, fine grain, this leather's unique form comes from the distinct farming techniques used in France. Such is why France is so famous for its calfskin leather.Durable, long-lasting and a testament to high quality, this vegetable tanned leather is also sustainable and eco friendly. Finishing with a hand staining process that elegantly forms subtle tonal variations and a deep luster in the leather, the Kent Collection is great for your profession or a night out.  

Donington Collection

Pictured: Donington Cross Body

The Donington Collection features a buttery soft Calfskin made by a family run tannery in Italy just north of Tuscany. With a matte finish which gives off a subtle yet elegant look, this supple leather also wears well over time. This makes this leather a great fit for soft bags and wallets to accompany your cute, everyday outfits.  

Tusk Luxe

Pictured: Alette Shoulder Bag

The Tusk Luxe Collection is a step up from a step up. With a limited-run Italian Sheepskin Leather, refined hardware, simple, clean lines, and no outward branding, you truly be the best you with this collection. With leather that is supple and incredibly soft against the skin, yet slightly less durable than the others, this collection is perfect for your luxurious everyday life. 

Frank Collection

Tusk Frank Collection

Pictured: Chet Slim Brief Bag

The Frank Collection features a matte finish Italian Vachetta Calfskin Leather. Extremely durable, sleek, and deep in color, this collection boasts an honest and straightforward design. Perfect for you or the man in your life, the Frank Collection is a must in the workplace. 

Here at Tusk, we are proud to offer accessories made up of a variety of leathers. That way we can find the best fit for you without you having to do all of the work. Interested in seeing which Tusk accessory is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your lifestyle? Check out a few of our favoriteshere.  Also make sure to check out our newest collectionhere.