Why We Choose Full-Grain Leathers - The A+ Leather Grade

Full-Grain Leather at Tusk

Full-Grain, top-grain, genuine, and corrected-grain. These are all terms you might be seeing on your search for your next leather bag or accessory. Confused with what each actually means? Learn why it has been our thirty year tradition to only offer full-grain leathers to you. 

Since 1993, Tusk has only used the highest quality full-grain leathers in each of our bags and accessories. The term “full-grain” refers to the outermost layer of the hide, the portion with the tightest-packed layers of fibers. Not only is this layer superior in toughness and durability, it also shows the lifestyle of the animal it comes from. Why you might ask? Well because for every day of the animal’s life, this layer is what he/she wears throughout each experience. Compared to top-grain or even lower grades of leather (like genuine and corrected-grain) which lack the tough outermost layer and what tells the story of the animal, full-grain leathers give your accessory the character unobtainable otherwise.

As a company that is all about quality and story, full-grain leathers have always been the only choice for us. Since our founding, we have put our customers at ease by providing a product line that is guaranteed to be made up of the best leathers in the world. Shopping for leather can be difficult, make your search easier than ever before by shopping here at Tusk. 

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