Sustainable Leather - What it Means to Us

Sustainability at Tusk

At Tusk, the importance of sourcing quality materials is not just relevant for our customers, but for our earth too. Being sustainable is not a box to check off for us, it is central to who we are. As a company who interacts so closely with the environment, we believe this is our obligation.

All of our leathers come from tanneries which have earned Gold or Silver ratings from the Leather Working Group — a group which has set environmental standards for tanners and promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry. These same tanneries supply leathers for brands like Gucci and Prada and guarantee that each hide is the bi-product of non-leather-related slaughter. Most frequently, our tanneries report that our leathers come from food-related slaughter. By closely monitoring each tannery we purchase from, we always know the exact origin of every leather that enters our workshop. From there, after we hand select each leather to be used for our next accessory, we can begin to create the sustainable products we are so proud to offer. 

Our Sustainable Leather

Here at Tusk, we believe sustainability and quality go hand in hand. To have the quality we pride ourselves in, we must source all material the right way. That is the Tusk Way.

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